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The Haven at Massey Springs Senior Living

We understand that cognitive conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease can have a profound impact on the entire family. At The Haven, our dedicated team is here to support your loved one, fostering meaningful connections and enhancing their quality of life in an inclusive, faith-based community.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care is a specialized form of support designed to meet the unique needs of individuals living with cognitive conditions. Our memory care program provides individualized care, creating a safe and engaging environment that promotes well-being and supports cognitive function.

Support with Love & Compassion

Our services and amenities are thoughtfully designed to support memory care residents, helping them to receive the love and genuine care they deserve. Our compassionate staff goes above and beyond to create a nurturing atmosphere where residents feel valued and cherished.

What Memory Care Addresses

Our approach to cognitive care is centered around keeping our residents comfortable and engaged, while at the same time enhancing their overall quality of life. We understand the unique challenges individuals with cognitive conditions face, and our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized care that meets their specific needs.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological condition that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Individuals with Alzheimer’s may experience memory loss, confusion, difficulty with language, and changes in mood or personality.

Our memory care program for Alzheimer’s focuses on providing a safe environment and engaging activities to support cognitive function and overall well-being.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects movement. It can cause tremors, stiffness, and difficulty with coordination. In our memory care program for Parkinson’s, we focus on maintaining mobility, independence, and quality of life.

Our specialized therapies and support services aim to manage symptoms, enhance overall well-being, and promote a sense of empowerment.

Dementia is an umbrella term that encompasses various conditions affecting memory, thinking, and social abilities. In our memory care program for dementia, we provide individualized care plans, cognitive stimulation activities, and a supportive environment.

Our goal is to create moments of joy, foster connections, and promote a sense of belonging for individuals living with dementia.

Elevating Memory Care with LifeStory ConnectionTM

We’re proud to incorporate LifeStory Connection™, a groundbreaking technology designed to elevate our memory care services by focusing on our residents’ unique needs, preferences, and hobbies.

Through LifeStory Connection™, we craft comprehensive profiles for each resident, encapsulating things like their favorite meals, cherished music, and pivotal life moments. This empowers our caregivers to forge meaningful connections, offering care that goes beyond basic needs to celebrate each person’s individuality.

Here’s how LifeStory Connection™ transforms our approach to memory care:

  • Personalized Care: We use the rich details of each resident’s life story to inform and shape their care, fostering a deep sense of trust and security.
  • Community Spirit: By pinpointing common interests, we cultivate a warm community atmosphere where everyone feels they belong.
  • Engaging Activities: Leveraging insights from LifeStory Connection™, we curate activities that genuinely resonate with our residents.
  • Celebration of Milestones: We celebrate every milestone with automatic reminders for special occasions.
  • Simplified Access: Our staff can effortlessly retrieve resident information, making every interaction more meaningful and personal.

Book a tour today and see firsthand how we redefine memory care at Massey Springs Senior Living, where every day is an opportunity to honor and cherish the unique journey of each resident.

Here When You Need Us

We’re here to provide exceptional memory care for your loved one. Book a tour today and experience firsthand the warm and compassionate environment at The Haven. Our team is here to support and guide you through this journey, providing the highest level of care for your loved one.

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